Diversity in CBC Overview

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Our Mission

With Diversity:

We respect, invite and value our human differences

With Equity:

We engage in fairness.

With Inclusion:

We integrate our human differences into the fabric of the department to empower everyone to show up whole and contribute fully.

As the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, we are rediscovering the full meaning of our own human “chemistry.” Our world is naturally diverse, and we know that our intellectual excellence, impact, and vivacity benefit from the multifaceted talent, perspective, and experience that diversity brings. Diversity, equity, and inclusion are dynamic and work together. Diversity demands the presence of equity and inclusion to create the research and teaching environments that anchor these three values into the culture and the structure of the department. We are committed to not letting phenotypes determine opportunities and values in our department. We are not perfect and may have blind spots and old bruises, but we are willing to grow, learn, and evolve toward greater inclusion and justice.


“The moral arc of the universe is long, but bends towards justice” Martin Luther King, Jr.