Storeroom, Buildings, Maintenance and Shipping




Storeroom, Buildings, Maintenance and Shipping/Receiving

The Storeroom offers a large inventory of chemical and hardware items that are for sale within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. The storeroom also handles coordination of building issues, building maintenance, departmental shipping and receiving.




Emergency Phone Numbers

911 OR 520-621-8273    University Police

520-850-3802(cell)    Scott Dreisbach

Contact us for department emergencies, building issues, asset management, shipping and receiving.

Old Chemistry Map


Old Chemistry Bldg. (Chemistry), Room 129


Monday thru Friday

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM 

We respond to all departmental emergencies. These include such incidents as fires, bomb threats, explosions, flood, theft, or chemical related accidents. We work with several different agencies to resolve the given situation no matter what the circumstances, or the hour.

CSB and Koffler Buildings

Building and Asset Management

We coordinate routine and non-routine maintenance issues for the five CBC Buildings.  

We maintain fixed asset (A-tags) tags for the department, including any surplus property.

Please do not throw away any equipment! Bring all equipment to the Storeroom for disposal. We will dispose of it properly (discard or surplus). As a bonus, if it sells, you will receive a portion of the sales price.

Storeroom tubing

Storeroom Services

The Storeroom offers a large inventory of chemicals and hardware items that are for sale within the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. Contact us for current inventory availability and prices.


Shipping and Receiving

We coordinate all shipping, receiving, and mail services. In addition to the routine mail pick-up and delivery, Federal Express services are also available.  For urgent same day services, packages will need to be brought to the Storeroom before 2pm.  

Expecting a package? You may check the Deliveries Camera to see if it is waiting for you in the Old Chem Storeroom. BSW packages will be transported to BSW 352 every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.


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Contact Us:

Scott Dreisbach

Facilities Manager


Hollis Whitewater

Lab Supplies Controller