Shared Resources

The CBC department and Faculty Labs have a variety of instruments that are available to CBC department members and some collaborators.  Use the contacts listed to find out more information, training procedures, collaborations and resource use.

Department Shared Resources

CSB Autoclave


Autoclaves are available for independent or assisted use for CBC department members only.  Users must be trained on the autoclave prior to independent usage.

Locations: CSB 355A, BSW 338, and BSW 252


Bruker D8 MetalJet XRD

Biological Crystallography

The Bruker D8 MetalJet is designed for single-crystal X-Ray diffraction of biological crystals mounted in cryoloops. It is equipped with a Photon III detector and an Oxford 800 cryostream.  This department instrument is available for collaborations with all UArizona researchers and external customers.

Location: BSW 526A


PTI Fluorimeter in the CSB Small Instruments Facility

CSB Small Instruments

The CSB Small Instruments Facility includes a PTI Quanata Master fluorimeter and a OLIS Cary 14 UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer. This instrumentation is available for training and independent usage for CBC department members only.

Location: CSB 117A



Shared Resources in Faculty Labs