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Glassblowing Facility

A full-service facility for the design and fabrication of specialized scientific glassware as well as repairs and modifications of existing glassware.










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Chemical Sciences Building

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Chemical Sciences Bldg. (CSB), Room 209


Monday thru Friday (Open Normal University Workdays)
8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Echem cell


Design, construction and repair of sophisticated glass apparatus and glass high vacuum systems for research applications. The facility has expertise in borosilicate, quartz and mixed materials.

Techniques used include bench, lathe, and stationary rack work for graded seals, glass-to-metal seals, oil diffusion pumps, quartz dewars (window and finger), glass-to-ceramic, quartz materials and more. Specifically, the manager has a working knowledge of high vacuum materials, gauges, leak detection techniques and vacuum rack design.



A credit course (CHEM 302A Scientific Glassblowing) is offered each fall and spring semesters to train graduate and undergraduate students in the skills and techniques required to work with glass/quartz culminating in each student making their own distillation apparatus as the final project. Successful completion of the course will enable most students to accomplish routine glassblowing tasks encountered in the lab.

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University of Arizona - CBC Glassblowing Facility, RRID:SCR_023036

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Charles Amling
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