Vlad Kumirov

Assistant Professor of Practice
Assistant Staff Scientist, NMR Facility

Degrees and Appointments:

  • B.S. 2010, University of Arizona
  • Ph.D. 2016, University of Arizona

Specialties: NMR spectroscopy, chemical education, peptides and proteins

Research and Education Activities    NMR Facility

Research Description

I work at the NMR facility and teach NMR spectroscopy. My background is in protein NMR (10-50 kDa), but most of my current work is with small molecules and peptides (under 5 kDa). I am interested in molecular structure and dynamics, which can be studied by NMR spectroscopy. I frequently collaborate with different research labs to develop NMR methods that measure molecular tumbling and diffusion, as well as intermolecular interactions. These experiments are useful in predicting size and flexibility of polymers, or determining whether drugs bind tightly to their targets. I teach classes and workshops on NMR spectroscopy, and usually work with 1-2 undergraduates each year on NMR related research projects. I also design NMR lab modules for classes that incorporate modern research methods utilizing NMR spectroscopy.