Oliver L.A. Monti*

Accepting Students

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Degrees and Appointments 

  • Dipl. Chem. ETH 1997, ETH
  • D. Phil. Oxon 2001, Oxford
  • Postdoctoral Fellow 2001-2004, JILA (National Institute of Standards and Technology and University of Colorado, Boulder)
  • Professor of Physics 2015 -

Specialties: Energy Science, Quantum Materials, 2D Materials, Organic Semiconductors, Ultrafast Spectroscopy, Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Surface Science, Single Molecule Transport, Machine Learning

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Research Description

Research in LabMontiTM is focused on designing and understanding 2D materials, quantum materials, organic semiconductors and their combinations to enable radically new approaches to high efficiency electronics and quantum information science. We use organic semiconductors, conjugated molecules with widely tunable electronic properties, to impart new functionality to 2D materials such as graphene, MoS2, CrI3 etc. These are atomically thin extended crystals that exhibit profoundly new properties. We use this approach also to manipulate the properties of quantum materials such as magnetism, superconductivity and other collective phenomena. We also make electronic devices at the absolute size limit of a single molecule. All these efforts are working towards fundamentally changing how much energy is needed for computing and data storage, an urgent need to mitigate global climate change. Our research is enabled by unique capabilities only available in our lab.