Neal R. Armstrong

Regents Professor Emeritus - Retired

Neal R. Armstrong

Regents Professor Emeritus - Retired

Degrees and Appointments

  • B.S. 1970, Chemistry, University of New Mexico

  • Ph.D. 1974, Analytical Chemistry, University of New Mexico

  • OSU Postdoctoral Fellow 1974-75, Ohio State University

Awards and Honors

  • Regents Professor in Chemistry/Biochemistry/Optical Sciences, 2013
  • University of Arizona At The Leading Edge Award - Innovation Day, 2011
  • Elizabeth and Keith Hege Galileo Circle Fellow - College of Science, University of Arizona, 2011
  • Alexander von Humboldt Sr. Research Prize - Inst Appl Photophys,Tech Univ Dresden/Max Planck Inst. f, 2002
  • National Science Foundation - Special Award for Creativity, 2000

Research Specialties: Energy Science, Materials and Polymer Chemistry, Surface and Solid State

    Our group is focused on developing the new measurement science required to understand and control the chemical, physical and electrical properties of interfaces between electrical contacts and new electro-optical (active layer) materials, at nanometer length scales.  These materials encompass both organic active layers in organic solar cells (OPVs), hybrid perovskite active layers for new thin film solar cell technologies, and surface tethered semiconductor nanocrystals.  Such studies underpin the development of emerging energy conversion technologies (solar cells, photoactive nanocrystalline materials for light-to-fuel formation), and new active layers for light emisison, 

    While reasonably efficient energy conversion and light emission platforms are becoming available, they are typyically expensive and not scalable.  The challenges in creating massively scalable energy conversion technologies, that are inexpensive and easily integrated into other technology platforms, often lies in undertanding and controling composition, structure and energetics of the interfaces between electrical contacts and active layers. Read More

    Faculty Emeritus Analytical Chemistry