New Employee Spotlight: Nancy Louks

Oct. 13, 2023
Nancy Louks smiling towards the cameras, standing in front of a gray background, wearing glasses and a black blouse.

Let us welcome our new CBC staff member, Nancy Louks!

Here is a short insight into Nancy's background:

"Hi, I’m Nancy Louks the new Business Manager, Sr. I come here from the University of California, Davis where I worked for over 20 years – most of which were in the finance area. My husband (Peter) and I moved here 2 ½ years ago to be close to our daughter and her family. We have two dogs (Lucy and Penny), two cats (Josie and Zoey) and two classic VW Bugs. I enjoy rock painting, diamond art, and spending time with the grandkids. On any given Tuesday you will find me munching on some tacos with a margarita close at hand!"