Halloween Costume and Pumpkin Carving Contest Results

Nov. 7, 2022
Alexandra Sundman as Jedi

Congratulations to the CBC Halloween costume and pumpkin carving contest winners! There were so many amazing submissions, so thank you to all who participated. Full gallery of submissions below!

Costume Categories

Chemistry & Biochemistry themed 

1st place – Jedi Biochemist (Alexandra Sundman)

2nd place – Chemistry Ninjas (Massani family)

3rd place – Carbon Skeleton (Audrey Winkle)



1st Place – Queen of Hearts (Mariposa Cox)

2nd place – Raven (Olivia Seagraves)

3rd place – A Bat (Maddi Stevens)


Pumpkin Carving


1st place – Lily North

2nd place – Massani family

3rd place – Katrina Miranda



1st place – Heather Kwapiszeski

2nd place – Katrina Miranda

3rd place – Shalini Kadinappulige