CBC Student Spotlight: Kristen Roehling

Jan. 29, 2024
Kristen Roehling smiling towards the camera standing in front of a tree.

Kristen Roehling is a senior majoring in chemistry and applied math with a minor in astronomy. Since her freshman year, she has studied dimers in the gas phase using microwave spectroscopy in Dr. Stephen Kukolich’s lab. Performing research as an undergraduate first felt like a daunting task, but she enjoyed the challenge and was excited to learn about every step in the research process. She has been the author of three published manuscripts during her undergraduate career. 

Her biggest advice to anybody considering pursuing research is to challenge yourself to leave your comfort zone and go for it! Her experiences have inspired her to pursue a research career in astrochemistry. She is planning to start a PhD in chemistry this fall. Outside of research and school, she enjoys staying active in nature, swing dancing, playing piano, and reading.