Indraneel Ghosh


Degrees and Appointments

  • Postdoctoral Fellow 1998-2001, Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (Professor Andrew D. Hamilton & Professor Lynne Regan)
  • Ph.D. 1992-1998, Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana (Professor Jean Chmielewski)
  • B.S. 1988-1992, Hobart College, Geneva, New York

Fields of Study: Organic Chemistry, Biochemistry

Research Specialities: Bioanalytical, Bioorganic, Chemical Biology, Materials and Polymer Chemistry, Metabolism, Signaling, and Regulation, Nucleic Acids and Genomes, Protein and Membrane Biochemistry, Structural Biology, Synthesis/Synthetic Methods Development

Awards and Honors: 

  • Outstanding Faculty Award, Honors College, 2011
  • Weed Endowed Chair, 2008
  • NSF CAREER Award, 2006
  • Research Innovation Award, 2002
  • Leukemia Society Fellow, 1999


The broad objective of our research program in Bioorganic Chemistry and Chemical Biology is to construct protein therapeutics, protein mimetics, biomaterials, and biosensors. Our research at the University of Arizona is highly multidisciplinary and utilizes techniques in organic synthesis, biochemistry, molecular biology, and a host of physical characterization methods. Our research motto is simple: Unraveling mysteries and Enabling discoveries.

A) Targeted Therapeutics for Human Disease by Inhibition of Protein-Protein Interactions: We are developing novel therapeutics targeted towards protein-protein interactions utilizing evolved β-sheet scaffolds. We utilize a novel dual-surface selection phage-display methodology for identifying thermostable variants of small proteins that serve as rigid receptors for targeting a) gp120 (HIV AIDS); b) vascular endothelial growth factor (Cancer), c) thrombin (Heart Disease;) and d) beta-amyloid (Alzheimer's). Our receptors in principle can modulate and impair the in vitro and in vivo activities of the targeted proteins. Specific amino-acid residues selected from phage-display can be grafted upon small synthetic scaffolds.

B) Helical Supramolecules and Quantum Dots: We have recently constructed a new family of discrete supramolecules comprising designed peptides (coiled-coils) non-covalently assembled upon cognate peptides fused to a dendrimer core. These novel structures are being utilized for the multivalent display of proteins for protein inhibition and in the construction of novel biomaterials. We are also pursuing new approaches for labeling Quantum Dots with peptides to provide a means to image receptors on living cells.

C) Split-Protein Biosensors for Everything: Direct DNA Detection utilizing Sequence Enabled Reassembly (SEER): We have designed split protein systems that reassemble only in the presence of a specific DNA, modified DNA, or RNA sequence to allow for its direct detection. This approach utilizes rationally dissected proteins, such as the Green Fluorescent Protein (GFP), beta-Lactamase, and luciferase for construction of oligomerization-dependent protein reassembly systems and user defined nucleic acid targeting agents. This approach has potential for the direct detection of nucleic acid sequences implicated in human disease but more importantly has the for the design of new cancer therapeutics that respond to changes at the genetic level of an individual cell.

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