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Undergraduate Studies

Chemistry is the study of the properties and reactions of the natural and synthetic substances that constitute the world around us. The discipline of Biochemistry uses chemistry as a tool to examine and explore the processes of life. Biochemical and chemical knowledge provides an underpinning for many disciplines including medicine, agriculture, and engineering. The questions that biochemists and chemists address encompass many critical challenges that humans face today.

"CBC at the University of Arizona helped me to identify my passions and interests, and gain the research experience necessary for continuing on to a PhD program. I will be attending the University of Michigan starting Fall 2017 to complete my PhD through their Program in Biomedical Sciences. I cannot thank CBC enough for the amazing advising, academics, professors, and experiences I’ve had!"
Lauren Koch
Biochemistry and Molecular & Cellular Biology, Class of 2017

"The past four years at The University of Arizona were an experience I will never forget and will always cherish. In that time, I learned so much and made memories and friends that will last me a lifetime from dorming my first year, to library study "parties" with my friends or grabbing lunch at the Union. Now that I've graduated, during the summer I will be working as a metallurgical engineer at ASARCO and will start looking for a full time job as a formulation chemist once my internship is over. Even though it is a bittersweet feeling, I am very excited about my next steps in life."
Ana Osuna Tellez
Chemistry, Class of 2017

"It was a very enriching experience for me as an Honor’s CBC student to study the biochemistry, biology, and the physiology of the human body to my heart’s desire in classes and research labs in the CBC Department at this university. It helped me become more certain of the career path I wish to pursue: Medicine. The next step on this path that I will be tackling for the next two years is the M.S. Physiological Sciences Program, in which I will continue pursuing my growing passion for human physiology and medicine in classes, research seminars, and labs."
Rishab Srivastava
Biochemistry & Molecular/Cellular Biology Major; Mathematics & Spanish Minor University of Arizona Honors College Class of 2017