CBC Undergraduate Studies

CBC Undergraduate Studies

>450 Biochemistry Majors

>250 Chemistry Majors

~50,000 Student Credit Hours

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Those who study biochemistry will apply chemistry to examine and explore the processes of life. Biochemistry can lead to careers in medicine, sustainability, agriculture, toxicology, pharmacology, and more!

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Those who study chemistry will gain a broad understanding of Chemistry is the study of the creation, properties, and reactions of the natural and synthetic substances that constitute the world around us. Students of chemistry are well-positioned to pursue careers in medicine, sustainability, toxicology, engineering, fuel science, food science, and more!

The Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry offers four undergraduate programs and strives to give students a strong theoretical background and the ability to apply what they know to a wide range of biological, chemical and physical systems. An “experimental” component to each program allows students to get more intimately involved with science through research or practice, and to develop a greater sense of identity as a chemist or biochemist. Students are prepared upon graduation to work as chemists and biochemists in academic, industrial and governmental settings. In addition, these programs of study provide an excellent foundation for advanced studies in biochemistry, chemistry and related graduate programs as well as professional schools in medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and osteopathy.

Prospective undergraduate students who plan to attend the University of Arizona may request a visit to CBC.  This form is only for new incoming students.  Current students email the CBC Advisors to learn more.

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The CBC encourages all students to become involved with research! By providing undergraduates with many opportunities to participate, through credit courses, paid positions, and a wide range of research areas, there is something for everyone!

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Graduating with a BA/BS in Chemistry and Biochemistry prepares you for exciting careers! 
CBC graduates work in private industry, government and academia.  For more information on the possibilities go to:

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