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Thursday, April 25, 2024, 1:00 - 3:30

Bear Down Gym

Enter your poster 

The deadline to enter is 12pm, Friday, April 12th. 

The Undergraduate Research and Senior Thesis Presentation is an annual Poster Fair hosted by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry to:
  • highlight Departmental research opportunities for undergraduates through a poster session
  • provide a place for presentation of Senior Capstone/Thesis research projects
  • provide a forum to showcase research projects conducted by our undergraduates
  • answer any questions you have about the Chemistry and Biochemistry majors
2023 Poster Fair

See the List of Poster Presenters

Poster Fair Abstracts

Poster Fair Winners 

Poster entrants must be a declared chemistry or biochemistry major, or conducting chem/biochem research with a faculty member in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.

Posters are initially placed in one of several categories. They include:

  • Physical Science projects involve non-living systems. While your work may have the potential to affect living creatures or be used by living creatures, the research problem you are working to solve does not directly involve the study of living or biological tissues, cells, etc.
  • Life (or Bio) Science projects involve most other areas beyond physical described above. If the project deals with the study of living tissues, creatures, biological processes, affects on human life, etc. it is most likely that your poster will fit this category.

Then the poster will either be judged as accomplished research or emerging research within its category:

  • Advanced Research: This category reflects the level of accomplishment on the project. Students will most likely have over a year of experience (but not always) and have made progress such that there are results to report.
  • Emerging Research: This category suits new researchers (with a year or less of experience) who have defined a problem, designed a project, may be collecting data, but may lack results at this point.

Senior Thesis: If you did research for your senior thesis requirement, you will be automatically placed in this category. Every poster in this category is judged using the same standards.

For poster preparation and presentation advice, see your research mentor, watch for emails on the CBC student listserv regarding upcoming workshops, and check out the following links, (some compiled by the American Chemical Society):

Congratulations to this year's Poster Fair winners!

You can find more photos on CBC's Facebook page. You do not need a Facebook account to view the photos. Go ahead and tag yourselves if you wish.

Poster Fair Winners Honorable Mention Viewer’s Choice
Senior Thesis Vanessa Addison Vanessa Addison
1st Place – Maddie Milner Ellie Browne Alexis Cruickshank-Taylor
2nd Place – Julie Fan Carson Freeling Julie Fan
  Terese Kulangara Carson Freeling
Biological Life Sciences Emerging Krista Potter Aunita Hakimi
1st Place – Emma Slenkovich Hillary Schiff Clare Hotze
2nd Place – Katelyn Boone Veronica Hode Shayna Maddern
  Madison Grams Maddie Milner
Biological Sciences Advance Janelle Amegatse Sami Muslmani
1st Place – Clare Hotze Luke Fasse Allison Steedman
2nd Place – Aunita Hakimi Olivia Bertuca  
Physical Sciences Emerging    
1st Place – Benjamin Koppe    
2nd Place – Ronald Palmenberg    
Physical Advanced    
1st Place – Briana Pomales    
2nd Place – Anthony DiGirolamo
Poster Fair Winners Together






Poster Fair Students

Congratulations to the 2022 Poster Winners!
You can check out the photos on FB. You don’t have to have a FB account to view the photos. Go ahead and tag yourselves if you wish.

Poster Fair Winners Honorable Mention Viewer’s Choice
Senior Thesis Matthew Schott Wael Almasri
1st Place – Arturo Lujan Dorien Haney Rosa Araujo
2nd Place – Rorie Robinson Joshua Goldring Kawthar AlElg
  Abel Cherian Alejandra Betancourt Ramirez
Biological Life Sciences Emerging Franky Torres Matheo Herrera
1st Place – Vanessa Addison   Trevor Tankersley Clare Hotze
2nd Place – Aunita Hakimi Cong Pham Aiden Li
  Yuyin Wang Andrew Matiatos
Biological Sciences Advance Avani Kumar Alicia Power
1st Place – Cristian Chavira Amanda Platt Kiah Sleiman
2nd Place – Nick Mortimore   Sophia Volpe
Physical Sciences Emerging    
1st Place – Natalya Stanisic    
2nd Place – Kawthar AlElg    
Physical Advanced    
1st Place – Parker Geffre     
2nd Place – Greg Clarke    

Congratulations to the Poster Winners!

You can check out the photos on FB. You don’t have to have a FB account to view the photos. Go ahead and tag yourselves if you wish.










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