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September 2017 Outstanding Student of the Month

Steven Le nominated Fabiola Vazquez because she is so very industrious in all aspects of her life. In addition to attending many, many lectures and laboratory sessions and completing assignments for all of them, she invests her time in study groups, collaborating with her classmates to improve upon her mastery of her subject as well as sharing her own knowledge. Outside of her academic pursuit in majoring both Chemical Engineering and Chemistry plus minoring in Spanish, she fulfills her role as the UA SMACS’s Executive Outreach Officer, opening up opportunities for our members to do service activites and both educate and inspire the Tucson community with the wonders of chemistry. She is dedicated to the task at hand, and consequently she has proven herself to be a valuable asset to UA SMACS in securing events and advancing our goals. Undoubtedly, it is this quality that enables her to be in good academic standing in her studies. Additionally, she is a team-player, working well with both her peers and her fellow UA SMACS officers. On top of it all, despite the weight of the obligations, duties, and responsibilities on her shoulders, she remains a kind-hearted, caring, and dependable person. Congratulations, Fabiola!