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Kasia Smolinski Named October 2017 Student of the Month

Regan Anderson nominated Kasia Smolinski because the latter is so very dedicated to her academic success, she looks even farther in to the future by investing her time in programs that will enrich her learning development.

Kasia is heavily involved in the International Alliance for the Prevention of AIDs on campus, and she spent her entire summer in 2017 teaching HIV/AIDs prevention in India. She is selfless in her pursuit to improve the well-being of others, whether its teaching isolated societies about auto-immune diseases or being a wonderful mentor to a freshmen. Kasia is also a recent pledge of the professional pre-health fraternity, Alpha Epsilon Delta. She is dedicated to her future career as a medical professional and takes advantages of challenging opportunities such as AED and her long-term research of pathology and takes it upon herself to completely immerse herself in these types of programs to better herself. Congratulations, Kasia!