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Chemistry Club Magic Show

The UA Chemistry Club (SMACS) recently hosted an exciting Semester Magic Show, dazzling an audience of approximately 50, young and old from all over the Tucson Community, with a barrage of chemical phenomena. We had fires big and small (mostly big), chilling displays of dry ice and liquid nitrogen, and a “magic” disappearing trick featuring a pinata hat! From the bright flame of magnesium reacting with dry ice to the cool chemiluminescence of luminol, we tried to make sure our show had something for everyone. We inspire awe to child, teenager, and adult alike - the sight of a person mouthing “whoa” is priceless. We’re very grateful to the thirteen members who helped to make the event so great!  You can request to have a Chemistry Magic Demonstration by clicking here.

Photo: Sara Lee Jones, Chemistry Club Officer

Additional photos can be found on Facebook. You do not need a Facebook account in order to view them.