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Recent Awards and Articles: What the press says about the Hruby Group
Safety:  Safety Tips and Links you NEED to check out
NMR: Links from the NMR Website at the University of Arizona
Literature Search Tools: Links to frequently used search engines in the group

The 411 on Manuscript Submission: What you need before you submit your manuscript

Recent Awards and Articles

Awards: 2011 Murray Goodman Award, 2009 Arthur C. Cope Award, 2009 Innovator of the Year
Dr. Hruby - CBC News Item: Victor J. Hruby Elected into ACS Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame
Dr. Hruby - Arizona Daily Star, July 27, 2012: 100 days of science: UA researchers helped launch Sanofi arm
Robbie Soto - Nogales International May 18, 2012: Nogalian Heads to Grad School in N.C.
Former Graduate Student Zhihua Liu Talks about his experiences as a member of the Hruby Group:

Zhihua talks about his research and working with Dr. Victor Hruby
Zhihua talks about the research facilities available in the department
Zhihua talks about why he chose the University of Arizona and being an international student in UA Chem

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General Rules For Handling Chemicals Safely

Keep workplace neat
Avoid the “pack rat” mentality
Provide adequate storage space
Hoods are NOT for storage

Chemical Storage
Store by compatibility.
Use secondary containment whenever possible.
Segregate high hazard chemicals.
Purchase and use the smallest quantity of chemicals possible.

Personal Protective Equipment
Always wear safety glasses in the laboratory.
Wear a lab coat and take it off before leaving the lab.
Wear gloves when handling chemicals. Remove them to avoid spreading contamination.
Use the correct gloves for the job.
Hair and loose clothing should be secured, to avoid becoming part of the experiment.
Dress properly - your clothing helps protect you.
No open-toed shoes
No shorts

Labels & Signs
Every container which is not under your immediate control must be labeled.
Use original containers with original labels whenever possible
Place in-house label on small containers. Minimum information should be:

  • Identity of Chemical
  • Signal Word
  • Owner’s Name
  • Date


The University of Arizona's Office of Radiation Radiation Safety 
Biosafety and Security
The University of Arizona's Risk Managment General Lab Chemical Safety Training
Laboratory Chemical Safety Self-Evaluation Checklist
Chemical Inventory Form
Laboratory Close-Out Checklist and Procedure
Advanced Chemical Safety Laboratory Safety Links
U.S. Department Of Energy Handling Pyrophoric Reagents

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Links from the NMR Website at the University of Arizona: 

What is NMR?,  Introduction to NMRGetting StartedNMR Data Acquisition, NMR Data ProcessingInstruction ManualsResidual Dipolar CouplingsImproved Phase-Sensitive HMBC

NMR Training: How to get your NMR Driver's License for hands-on NMR use 

NMR Courses: Learn about graduate NMR courses at University of Arizona

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Popular Literature Search Engines In the Hruby Group

Access the SciFinder Scholar Database at SciFinder Login.If you are new and aren't registered Click here to register

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The 411 on Manuscript Submission

ACS Publications Links (More to follow later)
Author Guidelines 
ACS Publications Copyright
Journal Publishing Agreement 
Reference Guidelines
ACS Paragon Plus Manuscript Submission Center

Other Submission Requirements
Names and emails of at least 4 potential reviewers of your paper
A list of what programs were used to create all of your tables and figures
The name, professional email, and institutional address of all Co-Authors (Note which one is the Corresponding Author)


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