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Travel: What to do before, during, and after your trip
Purchase with P-card: All you need to know about P-Cards
Purchase with AZ Buyways: All about AZ Buyways
Bookstor and Storeroo Purchases: Links to the bookstore and storerooms order forms
Wilbur Wildcat's Steps for Grant Preparation Using Grants.gov: Some helpful steps for preparing a Grant Proposal

Travel Reimbursement 

What to do before traveling:
1. Fill out a Travel Authorization Form
2. Check out the P-Card Section to prepay fixed expenses such as Registration/Conference fees or Airfare

What to do during your trip:
1. Be sure to grab an extra conference brochure, or a conference document that has the designated conference lodging, cost per night and dates of the conference.
*TIP: Most of this information can also be found on the conference website, however FSO may not always accept information from there, so picking up a conference brochure should always be your primary choice.
2. Save your receipts!
3. Be sure you know how much money you are allotted for food each day so you don't overspend unintentionally!

What to do after your trip, within 10 Days of your return:
1. Make an appointment with Christine. She will help you fill out a Travel Expense Report.
2. Make sure that all of your receipts are scanned and copied before attaching them to your Travel Expense Report.

For more information, check out the Financial Services Office Smooth Sailing Guide to Travel.

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P-Card Purchasing

How to Purchase 

1. Click P-Card Purchasing Form
2. You will be taken to another page where you will Click No. This will take you the P-Card Authorization Form
3. Choose your investigator, account, object code and account description (Charge to).

Frequently Used Object Codes
5290 – Research Supplies
5520 – Conference Registration Fees
6240 – Out of state Travel

6140 – In State Travel
6340 – International Travel
5540 – Professional Membership Dues
5890 – Books
7690 – Equipment used in scientific research

4. If your purchases are travel related, input your Travel Authorization Number.
5. Fill out your Vendor Information, Hint: This info can usually be looked up on the vendor website under Contact
6. Input Item #, Description, Quantity, (Unit), and Unit Price
IMPORTANT: If you look at a catalog, make sure it is the most current catalog or else Item Numbers could be off and disaster could strike! 

7. Route to Christine Kasten, Print, Click Submit Request
8. Submit your print out to Christine’s P-Card Folder by 4 PM!

For extra visuals, check out the P-Card Purchasing Tutorial. There is a photo walk-through of the whole process.

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Purchase with AZ Buyways

** Note: If the purchase you would like to make is over $5,000, set up an appointment with Christine and she will help you fill out a Requisition.

  1. To access Arizona Buyways go to www.uaccess.arizona.edu. Click on *Financial System
  2. In the middle column labeled Transactions, under the word Purchasing, Click Shop Catalogs
  3. Click on the logo for your desired vendor.
  4. On the vendor’s website, find what you would like to purchase and follow whatever instructions are necessary to put the item(s) in your shopping cart.
  5. When you are done shopping and you have double checked that all of your items (and desired quantities) are in your shopping cart, click Check out.
  6. On the next window that appears, click Proceed to UAccess Financials. (Note: for every vendor you use, you will have to fill out a separate Requisition.)
  7. The UAccess Requisition Form will appear.  Fill the form out:
    1. Fill in the description. E.g. Chemicals for Synthesis.
    2. *Fill in the Final Delivery Area by clicking on the little magnifying glass. It will take you to another page where you will enter the Building Code (41) and press Search.
    3. The Chemistry building appears. Click on Return Value. This will take you back to your Requisition Form. 
      *NOTE: After your first time doing Steps B and C this field will automatically populate on all future orders
    4. The Chemistry Building will now be on your Requisition form. Add Room 104 for Storeroom Delivery.
    5. Items: For every item you are ordering you need to add an accounting line. Repeat the Steps e-j as many times as necessary to add accounting lines to each item! 
      Click Show. Next to Accounting lines.
      If it is a Chemical select Quantity Tax Exempt.
    6. In the Chart dropdown box, Click UA.
    7. Type in your designated account number, with an extra zero. If you don’t know your account number, talk to Christine.
    8. In Object Code put one of the following codes: 5280 for Chemicals (Free of tax) or 5290 for any other type of chemical order. (If you need other codes, see Christine!)
    9. For Percent put 100.
    10. Click Add. Once the accounting line is added, you should see that everything is complete.
    11. Fill in your contact number using this format: ###-###-####.
    12. If you are ordering Chemicals that are tax free go to Notes and Attachment and click Show
    13. In the space available cut and paste the following:
      This purchase will be used for research and development purposes as that term is defined by ARS 42-5159(B)(14) and ARS 42-5061(B)(14). The exemption from sales tax pursuant to ARS 42-5061(B)(14) and from assessment of use tax under ARS 42-5159(B)(14) is authorized by Dr. Victor J. Hruby of the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, College of Science
      Click Add
    14. Click Show next to Ad Hoc Recipients.
    15. Under Person type in hruby. Click Add.
    16. Click Calculate.
    17. Click Submit.
  8. Go back to the Financial System Main Menu, 
  9. Click on Shop Catalogs
  10. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and in the Right Column, Click on Recent Transactions
  11. Click on your most recent transaction, and hit Print
  12. Turn into the Inbox on Christine's Door by 4 PM.

For extra visuals for these steps, please check out the Purchasing with Arizona Buyways Tutorial. It gives you a really helpful walkthrough that shows you where everything is!

If your item that you need is NOT on Buyways, or if you a re experiencing problems following these steps, Fill out and print this form and bring it to Christine (OC 213). 

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 Storeroom and Bookstore Order Forms  

Storeroom Order Form
Bookstore Order Form

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Wilbur Wildcat's Steps for Grant Preparation Using Grants.gov   Photo complements of Fermilab Today

Fun Fact: The Public Health Service Estimates that one Grant Application takes 22 hours of paperwork(excluding the development of a scientific plan), so don't get discouraged if you feel like the application is taking forever, it probably is! But have no fear! Wilbur Wildcat's handy little guide is here to help you bear down and get through those 22 hours. Best of luck, and if you need anything just send an email!

1. Find a grant opportunity at grants.gov

2. Using the Funding Opportunity Number, Download the Grant Application Package.

3.Click: Wilbur's Super Budget Calculation Template. Using the template and current average salaries and costs, figure out what your estimated budget will be. If you are unsure about what to put, send Dr. Hruby/Christine an email. If it something that they can help you out with via email, then they will do so, if not they can set up an appointment to help you.

4. Fill out the Proposal Routing Sheet. If you are confused at what to put for some of the boxes, check out Wilbur's PRS for some hints!

5. Follow the Proposal Routing Sheet Procedures as SOON as you know that you are applying!

Proposal Routing Sheet (PRS) Procedures

1. Send Christine your filled out Budget, Budget Justification, and PRS along with the abstract and any other type of documentation you deem necessary.  Christine will then send it to Sponsored Projects (sponsor@email.arizona.edu) with a CC to you, Amy Tary, Jamie Hussell, and Kim Menezes on the email. It is REALLY important that your PRS gets sent to the business office BEFORE you are ready to submit your proposal.

2. Upon recieving an email back from sponsored projects and Amy/Jamie, any changes necessary to the Grant Package will be made. The Budget, Budget Justification, and Proposal Routing Sheet will be printed, signed appropriately, and copied. We will send you a scanned copy of these documents as they progress. Both the original and the paper copy will be left with the Business office.

3. The business office will review the Proposal Routing Sheet, and if everything is correct, it will be routed to the necessary individuals for signatures and then returned to Christine. This signed version will then be copied and returned to the business office, replacing the copies that were left in Step 2.

6. Complete all other grant components. In addition to the budget items above, these GENERALLY include the following: Project Summary/Abstract, Project Narrative, Bibliography & References Cited, Facilities & Other Resources, Equipment, Biosketches (NIH/NSF) for Senior/Key Personnel, Specific Aims, Research Strategy, Letters of Support, and Resource Sharing Plans.  BE SURE TO CHECK WHAT COMPONENTS YOUR PROPOSAL NEEDS from the Grant Application Instructions associated with your Funding Opportunity Number on Grants.gov.

7. Make an appointment with Christine so that she can help you fill out the Grant Application Package and make sure everything is uploaded and in the right format.

8. All other Grant Proposal Components MUST be submitted to sponsored projects (sponsor@email.arizona.edu) no fewer than 3 days prior to the proposal deadline.

For more information please check out the UA's Handbook for Principle Investigators.
For a nice overview of the entire grant packet, please see Sponsored Project's NIH Proposal Form Instructions

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