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Analytical Biophysics Core Facility Training


Email Chad Park ( for training. My schedule can be seen here.

  • AUC Sedimentation velocity requires at least 0.1 mg/mL protein and 420 microL of sample. Sedimentation equilibrium requires a range of concentrations at 120 microL.
  • CD requires about 0.3 mg/mL protein and 280 microL of sample.
  • DSC & TGA require about 3 mg of sample.
  • ICP-OES requires a minimum of 10 mL of ppm or ppb quantities.
  • Fluorescence users are required to bring their own cuvettes. The PTI fluorimeter has Z=8.5 mm. Cuvettes can be purchased at Hellma USA or Starna Cells. Both companies have small volume fluorescence cuvettes available here or here.
  • FTIR samples should be soft powdered or film-like material able to cover the 2 mm square sensing element.

Velocity Residuals