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Chemistry & Biochemistry Undergraduate Preceptor Program - Examples of Special Projects

(special project ideas are not limited to this list)

Content development - Preceptors can assist in curriculum development, for example by creating review guides for exams, student-centered in-class activities, discussion activities or non-graded additional practice problems.

Media support - Projects in this area can involve developing and producing technological support, assisting an instructor with the use of technology in the classroom (e.g., clicker support) or authoring problems (directed by the instructor) in the online homework system used for the course.

Additional tutorial support - Preceptors can hold formal weekly review sessions that are organized with consultation with the instructor (in addition to weekly office hours).

Educational research - Preceptors can perform a chemical education research project directed by the instructor. This can range from survey studies to interview work. Studies that are not anonymous must have prior IRB approval (see the instructor for further direction about such approval).

Project Summary

A written summary of the special project activities and outcomes must be submitted to the instructor and to the CBC Advising Office no later than the last day of class each semester. This is a requirement for posting of grades for those registered for three units. The project summary (at least one half page in length) should include at minimum:

  1. a project description (what was proposed and why);
  2. an explanation of the project (what was done); and
  3. a summary of any findings or a concluding statement (if appropriate to the project).