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Ruben Vardanyan

Research Professor

Degrees and Appointments

  • Ph.D.

Awards and Honors

  • Member of Academy of Sciences of Armenia (Academician)

Research is devoted to creation of new bivalent opioid ligands (agonists and antagonists) for the treatment of pain (mainly neuropathic pain), and for multiple possible implementations of antagonists (management of opioid, cocaine, alcohol and nicotine addiction, treatment of dyskinesia on Parkinson's disease, targeting opioid-, adrenergic-, cannabinoid-, dopamine-, serotonin-, GABA-, glutamate- and other receptors). Design of these compunds is focused on creation of multiple bifunctional piperidine derivatives and their transformations to bivalent opioid ligands.


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Two editions of:

“Синтез основных лекарственных средств”; Вартанян Р.С., ISBN: 5-89481-218- 6; 2004, 2005 г.г.; Издательство: Медицинское Информационное Агенство. (Russ. Moscow)

Last Review:

Vardanyan, Ruben S.; Hruby, Victor J. Fentanyl-​related compounds and derivatives: current status and future prospects for pharmaceutical applications, From Future Medicinal Chemistry (2014), 6(4), 385-412.  

Last Publications:

1.       Podolsky, Alexander T.; Sandweiss, Alexander; Hu, Jackie; Bilsky, Edward J.; Cain, Jim P.; Kumirov, Vlad K.; Lee, Yeon Sun; Hruby, Victor J.; Vardanyan, Ruben S.; Vanderah, Todd W. Novel fentanyl-​based dual μ​/δ-​opioid agonists for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, From Life Sciences (2013), 93(25-26), 1010-1016.  

2.       Vardanyan, R. S.; Danagulyan, G. G.; Mkrtchyan, A.D.; Hruby, V. J., Recyclization reactions of 1-alkylpyrimidinium salts, Heterocycl. Comm., (2011), 17(3/4), 129-133. 

3.       Lee, Y. S.; Qu, H.Ch.; Davis, P.; Ma, S.-W.; Vardanyan, R.; Lai, J.; Porreca, F.; Hruby, V. J., Chiral Effect of a Phe Residue in Position 3 of the Dmt1-l(or d)-Tic2 Analogues on Opioid Functional Activities, ACS Medicinal Chemistry Letters (2013), 4(7), 656-659.  

4.       Petrov, R. R.; Lee, Y.S.; Vardanyan, R. S.; Liu, L.; Ma, S.-w; Davis, P.; Lai, J.; Porreca, F.; Vanderah, T. W.; Hruby, V. J., Effect of anchoring 4-anilinopiperidines to opioid peptides, Bioorg. Med. Chem. Lett. (2013), 23(11), 3434-3437.

5.       Vardanyan, R.; Kumirov, V. K.; Nichol, G. S.; Davis, P.; Liktor-Busa, E.; Rankin, D.; Varga, E.; Vanderah, T.; Porreca, F.; Lai, J.; Hruby, V. J., Synthesis and biological evaluation of new opioid agonist and neurokinin-1 antagonist bivalent ligands, Bioorg. Med. Chem. (2011), 19(20), 6135-6142.  

6.       Vardanyan, R.; Kumirov, V. K.; Hruby, V. J. , Improved synthesis of D,L-fluoro-citric acid, J. Fluorine Chem. (2011), 132(11), 920-924. 

7.       Lee, Y.S.; Kulkarni, V.; Cowell, S. M.; Ma, S.-W.; Davis, P.; Hanlon, K. E.; Vanderah, T. W.; Lai, J.; Porreca, F.; Vardanyan, R.; Hruby, V. J. ,Development of Potent μ and δ Opioid Agonists with High Lipophilicity, J. Med. Chem., (2011), 54(1), 382-386. 

8.       Nichol, G. S.; Kumirov, V. K.; Vardanyan, R.; Hruby, V. J., Proton sharing and transfer in some zwitterionic compounds based on 4-oxo-4-((1-phenethylpiperidin-4-yl)(phenyl)amino)alcanoic acids, CrystEngComm (2010), 12(11), 3651-3657. 

9.       Nichol, G. S.; Vardanyan, R.; Hruby, V. J., Synthesis and Crystallographic Study of N'-(1-benzylpiperidin-4-yl)acetohydrazide, J. Chem. Crystallography (2010), 40(11), 961-964.  


functionalized piperidinesopioid agonists and antagonists