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Henry Hall

Professor Emeritus - Retired

Degrees and Appointments

  • B.S. 1944, Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn
  • M.S. 1946, Pennsylvania State University
  • Ph.D. 1949, University of Illinois

High polymers are the basis of fibers, films, rubbers, etc. in modern life. Our group is engaged in the study of polymerization mechanisms and the synthesis of new monomers for polymerization studies. These studies are a mixture of synthetic organic chemistry, physical organic chemistry and polymer chemistry.

Specific current fields of research include:

  • the study of the mechanism of spontaneous polymerizations in systems containing electron-rich and electron-poor olefins or dienes;
  • synthesis and polymerization of substituted bicyclobutanes and cyclobutenes;
  • study of the mechanism of polyarylate polymerization; and
  • design and synthesis of photorefractive and nonlinear optically active polymers.

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