Information for contacting Academic Advisors in following areas
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  • Understanding the respective major programs
  • General education, foundation, and major coursework
  • Schedule/course planning
  • Transfer evaluations
  • Adding majors and minors
  • First and final stop for senior degree check
  • Adjustments to UAccess advisement program requirement reports
  • Interpretation and providing advice regarding policies and procedures
  • Faculty Advisor assignments
  • help you identify and explore career options, and help you develop a plan for reaching long term goals;
  • encourage you to take advantage of college success strategies and resources to help you reach academic goals;
  • promote exploration of experiential-learning experiences and on-campus experiences to develop interpersonal and leadership skills, and explore career goals;
  • promote your ability to think critically, solve problems, and make informed decisions about your future life plans;
  • serve as mentors by providing personal guidance, support, and advocacy; and
  • refer you to additional campus professionals who can also coach you in specific areas of development.
  • Contact the CBC Advisor (listed in the column to the left) with questions or to schedule an appointment. 
  • Faculty Advisors for BIOC majors provide advising and approval on independent study, directed research, and senior capstone options. Biochemistry faculty can also provide professional and graduate school advising. 
  • BIOC majors are assigned a Faculty Advisor in their second year after completing BIOC 296B.
  • Contact the CBC Advisor (listed in the column to the left) with questions or to schedule an appointment.

In addition to BIOC and CHEM programs, the following programs are available on the UA campus to students:

  • Appointments for minors are generally not necessary. Most questions can be answered on a walk-in basis (below) or through email.  Your major advisor can add the BIOC/CHEM minor. We do not require that you meet with us to add the minor.
  • If, after consulting the requirements | online | for your catalog year, you still have questions, please email the respective CBC Academic Advisor (listed in the column on the left).