Chemical Physics Program

Chemical Physics Program


The Chemical Physics Program at The University of Arizona provides an interdisciplinary track for cutting-edge research at the forefront of the interface of Physics and Chemistry. Research in this program is highly collaborative and interdisciplinary in nature and geared towards preparing students for a career in research in fields ranging from biomedical technology to sustainable energy. Successful applicants will be able to perform research in participating groups in both Chemistry and Physics, all of whom share a broad multidisciplinary outlook.


Research at the interface of physics and chemistry has received considerable attention in fields as diverse as Nanoscience, Astrochemistry and Biological Physics. The increasing importance of such interdisciplinary research has been widely recognized as is evidenced by the emergence of high-impact interdisciplinary journals. Successful scientists in this academic and corporate R&D growth area often bring a solid background in both physics and chemistry. The Chemical Physics Program at The University of Arizona offers a PhD program to train students as future leaders in this interdisciplinary environment.


  • Atomic and Molecular spectroscopy
  • Reaction dynamics
  • Quantum and Computational Chemistry
  • Atomic and Molecular Theoretical Quantum Physics
  • Statistical Mechanics
  • Experimental Condensed Matter Physics
  • Biophysics and Biophysical Chemistry
  • Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics
  • Chemical Physics of Materials

Students interested in the Chemical Physics Program apply through either Chemistry and Biochemistry or Physics. This department also serves as their home department and specifies the requirements for a PhD. The links below take you to the application sites. The program welcomes applicants that don't fall into the traditional majors of physics and chemistry.

Students in the Chemical Physics Program have the opportunity for a very flexible graduate course track. The range of options covers Quantum Mechanics, Electricity and Magnetism, Thermodyanmics and Statistical Mechanics, Kinetics, Condensed Matter Physics, Condensed Phase Chemical Physics and Mathematical Methods. The course sequence is chosen to optimally meet the student's interests. In addition, students participate in a journal club and the Chemical Physics Program seminar series. Dissertation committees of Chemical Physics students will usually contain faculty from both core departments.

Students can attend Seminars and Events in both Chemistry and Biochemistry and/or Physics departments.

Typical CPP students have an undergraduate degree in chemistry, physics, chemical physics or related area.

Several prestigious awards are available to participating Chemical Physics Students in recognition of outstanding contributions to the field of Chemical Physics.

Contact the Graduate Coordinator:

Phone: 1-520-621-4348
Fax: 1-520-621-8407