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Christopher Blackstone

Christopher BlackstoneChris is a Ph.D. candidate majoring in Physical Chemistry, conducting his dissertation research with Dr. Andrei Sanov. He is a Distinguished TA in the department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, and has taught mostly in the Chemical Thinking general chemistry curriculum, splitting time between Chem 152 labs and both semesters of the Supplemental Instruction course, for the latter of which he developed content and quizzes in addition to teaching the class.

He ultimately plans to earn a professorship at a small college, running a lab, but with the focus of his work on teaching. Immediately upon graduation, he intends to seek either an academic or government postdoctoral fellowship. In his free time, he manages and plays for a slow-pitch softball team, plays street hockey and basketball is in the Tucson Swing Dance Club, experiments with cooking and [very average] baking, and watches probably too much baseball.